Our Story

CHI Essence was founded with a simple mission to make available more plant-based products designed to assist in the strengthening of emotional and energetic wellness. The word “CHI” (pronounced chee) means energy and energy means the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. So much in life hinges on feeling better, being healed, and having the right energy to move forward. Disturbances to your energy include being consistently tired, under stress, in pain, and in negative moods (such as feelings of loss, sadness, anxiety, and depression). Starting their path by seeking methods of healing from such practitioners as chiropractor, massage therapist, and holistic medical doctors; you may find our clients burning incense while ending their yoga routine meditating on the mat; familiar with and indulging in other forms of self-care like acupuncture, Reiki energy Healing, etc… We are proud to be a part of our Clients’ journey into chemical free solutions to feel positive differences to include increased immune system, focus, energetic clearing of space, uplifting of mood, and relaxation levels. All things have an energetic essence, including our feelings and emotions. It is this concept of energy that is the guiding principle of all products produced by CHI Essence

CHI Essence finds the most harmonious balance of energies to create products that will help the user on their path to emotional and energetic wellness. At the base of all of our products is essential oils created by maximizing the energetic construct of every herb, essential oil, fresh plant, and crystal that are included in the formulations crafted. Based on years of studying energy work and various healing modalities, we are able to direct the universal energy and stored crystal energy into the products for wellness. CHI Essence’s exclusive pairing of essential oils with crystals to craft each product offering, increases the energetic support you can get from products that no other company can boast. 

About Me

Dr. La Toya Davis-Craig is the founder of CHI Essence. It’s a love story of sorts. She loves the power of plants and how a simple herb can heal on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. Having studied herbs that were found in tropical environments but living in a non-tropical climate, she began to study herbs that were similar in properties but that grew in different regions and to figure out a way to use herbs that are not fresh or dried. This is introduced her to the world of essential oils. Essential oils are little concentrated herbs that can be accessed at any time. Next she stumbled upon crystals as a healing ally. Crystals have their own particular energy and when paired with the essential oil they will amplify energy; possessing the ability to store, amplify, regulate, or even clear energy. As she stands in her power to share healing with others, she is forever grateful and humbled to hear the stories of the people who have used CHI Essence’s products and she can’t wait to hear yours.