How do the products get crystal and reiki energy?

At CHI Essence we create products under the guiding principle that Energy is all around us and with intentionality we are able to use that energy to amplify our healing on a emotional and energetic level. Through years of studying energy work and healing modalities, we are able to direct the Universal Love energy and stored crystal energy into the products to infuse them with the benefits of Reiki and the properties of the selected crystal. Crystal energy is also infused through the use of making crystal elixirs.

Do the products have a strong scent?

Products are lightly scented and are crafted primarily with the intention of use versus smell. Essential oils and dried herbs carry a lighter scent than synthetic oils.

Are these products safe for kids?

Essential oil Roll-On formulations are calculated to be safe enough for kids aged 6 and above. However, as with all of the products, please test products on a small area of skin first to determine if any reactions occur.  

For tea blends, adjust the strength of the herbs by adding more water for younger kids. 

Mists are safe for environmental or external body use. Test on small area of skin first to determine if any reactions occur.

Can I get a blend for something I don't see on the site?

Products can be custom made. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Are there any products without alcohol?

The only ingredients in any of our products that contain alcohol are some of the essential oils. Essential oils are most commonly either steam distilled or cold pressed but there are some essential oils that are extracted using  with alcohol. We do craft some products without the use of essential oils and other products can be made by request with herbs instead of essential oils.